Boss Orange Man EdT

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A rich and spicy fragrance that is cool, sophisticated masculine. Lue täältä lisää

Boss Orange Man EdT

A rich and spicy fragrance that is cool, sophisticated masculine.

Boss Orange Man is a more relaxed side of Boss, a complement to the successful suit adorned man. The man who wears Boss Orange Man is cool and confident in himself. He is a bon vivant who prioritize their loved ones. He is spontaneous and passionate. His charm and enthusiasm spreads joy to the surroundings.

The scent opens with a fresh and intense top note of crispy apple, coriander and cardamom. The fresh top note is complemented by the spicy and warm notes of sage, Szechwan pepper and frankincense in the heart. The base is found in the notes of Mexican vanilla bean, Atlas cedar and patchouli.

_ "I love the smell. It has deep and continuing to develop in time I wear it. The scent is both sophisticated and cool." Orlando Bloom_

  • Launched 2011.


Top notes

Crispy Apple, Coriande & Cardamom.

Middle notes

Sage, Szechwan Pepper & Frankincense.

Base notes

Mexican Vanilla Bean, Atlas Ceder & Patchouli.


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Boss Orange Man EdT

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